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daily link  Thursday, January 23, 2003

Remote Satellite: Guide to many satellite and satphone networks.  2:37:59 PM  permalink  

FT: Limitations to democracy in the Arab world: "Notwithstanding their democratic aspirations, many Arabs cannot agree on the essential contours of the nation, much less the basic structure of the state. Arab fundamentalists define "nation" in terms of the community of Muslim believers, whose interpersonal relations are governed by Islamic law. Arab nationalists define it as those who share a common Arabic language, culture and heritage, bound together by civil laws and secular institutions. Arab minorities, such as Copts and Maronites, define it in terms of their own peculiar sectarian traits, dominated by institutions that ensure proportional representation. And non-Arab minorities define it in linguistic and cultural terms, linked to the Arab majority through political federation and Islam."  10:52:02 AM  permalink  


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