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daily link  Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Renewables in the Caribbean:  "Caricom, An association of countries in the Caribbean will hire a consultant to identify renewable energy projects in the region.  CARICOM is the executing agency for the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Project, and the consultant will provide expert technical assistance to identify projects and undertake feasibility studies to promote development of more projects. The work will include conducting resource assessments and utility planning in renewable energy projects, as well as identifying bankable projects in renewables...  The coalition wants to lever US$4 million of GEF funding over four years, with additional funding from the German GTZ for $2.2 million. .. Thirty-one projects identified by CARICOM include a 1.2 MW windfarm in Curacao, a 2 MW facility in Antigua, 3.3 MW site in St. Nevis, 10 MW location in Guyana, 12.5 MW site in St. Lucia and a 6 MW location in Barbados. There is also a 10 MW geothermal facility in St. Lucia, 5 MW and 4 MW sites in Montserrat and a 12 MW potential site in Dominica, as well as a 10 MW ocean energy site in the Caymans and a number of solar PV, small hydro and solar thermal sites in the region."   The full RFP is online.  It's the kind of project that could use a KM system.

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Critique of Patriot Act and its sunset provisions: "Legislators who voted for the USA Patriot Act pointed out that the most controversial surveillance sections will expire in 2005. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) announced that a four-year expiration date "will be crucial in making sure that these new law enforcement powers are not abused." Dempsey says the CDT is hoping there will be a Congressional review prior to any extension of the provisions. But he, and many others, have pointed out that these so-called "sunset provisions" do not apply to the sharing of grand jury information, giving the CIA the permanent benefits of grand jury powers. The so-called "sneak and peak searches" [with delayed notification] are permanent as well. And further, the sunset provisions do not apply to ongoing cases. This means that intelligence investigations, which often run for years, would continue to operate under the law even if provisions are not extended past 2005. Also exempted are any future investigations of crimes that took place before this date. Internet surveillance via "pen register" devices, which capture phone numbers dialed on outgoing telephone calls, and "trap and trace" devices, which capture the numbers of incoming calls, are also exempt from the sunset provisions. These orders were originally used to provide investigators with telephone numbers dialed by suspects. They can now be used to monitor email addressing information and Web pages visited"  EFF has also proposed more active reporting on these powers before the 2005 review.  An ABA article lists non-sunset provisions that can and should be reviewed during the sunset hearings.  Cato Institute has wieghed in against many bill provisions as well.  10:48:00 AM  permalink  

World Markets for Large Wind Turbines: "$5.5 billion was invested in new large wind turbines worldwide in 2001. That amount held steady through 2002 as the large wind industry continued apace everywhere but the U.S. A frantic pace of development will resume in 2003 in the U.S. as backlogged and new projects are brought to completion ahead of the expiration date of the Federal Production Tax Credit. Large markets are just opening in France, the U.K. and Australia, while high growth markets in the European Union continue to expand and are spreading to Eastern Europe and North Africa. "  In 2007, large wind turbines' capacity will be over 110 GW, 3% of global electric capacity but 24% of new installations.  Biggest advantages for investors:  stable (zero) resource price; quick turnaround ("Large wind projects begin delivering returns within a year of financing.")

Global Large Wind Turbine Market, through 2007






Installed large wind capacity (GW)





Annual new large wind capacity (GW)





Annual revenue (US$ billion)






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IP PBXs still expensive, lacking value-adds:  "PBX analyst Allan Sulkin estimates that IP stations accounted for roughly 16 percent of the total PBX stations shipped in 2002 ..  IP-PBXs aren't cheap. During VoiceCon, Allan Sulkin will run a day-long tutorial reviewing how 10 different vendors responded to a mock RFP for a multi-site system, totaling about 1500 stations (145 of which are analog, the rest digital) .. The highest bid came in at a whopping $1,300 per station; the average pre-discount bid was a still-high $898 per station and the average discounted per-seat price was $762. Among the reasons for the high prices were the costs for redundancy to meet the RFP's availability requirements and the high price of IP phones. But it's important to note that the RFP asked the "bidders" to assume that an adequate data network was in place to support voice. .. Given the high price, what's the compelling reason to migrate now? The Miercom team  tested five large (1,000 stations or more) IP-PBXs [and] concluded, "So, is there a compelling reason to buy an IP-PBX today? We're not sure.... The killer application that will produce measurable productivity gains in the enterprise is, in our view, still missing.""

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