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daily link  Tuesday, January 14, 2003

NodeDB.com Wiki: "The Wireless Community Wiki" -- a model of how wiki is used for quick community collaborations.  Here's how to install it, and here's a dressy example.  5:28:21 PM  permalink  

Scripting Groove Web Services:   "I've written a proof-of-concept application--in Perl and C#--that reads the messages in a Groove forum (Discussion tool), notices URLs mentioned there, fetches the pages referenced by those URLs, and stores them in a repository (Files tool). It's brain-dead simple. .. Suppose I mention [a URL] in a Groove discussion. It's kind of nice to know that I'll be able to read it anytime, anywhere, because the article will be stored on my laptop, on my desktop PC, and on any other Groove device I use.  [The] same will hold true for all members of the shared space in which I made this reference to the article. More goodness: the change notification system will automatically flag the newly added article, on all devices and for all users in the space. "  Seems like it'd be pretty easy to scan the contents of a file tool and use it to populate an external content management system like Radio.  GWS only runs locally, not across machines, but Groove can be used to move the results around among Groove users.  4:06:22 PM  permalink  


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