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daily link  Thursday, January 09, 2003

Python and XML using generators:  Interesting example programs for working with XML in Python:  "Generators, as they appeared in Python 2.2, were born in Christian Tismer's Stackless Python as a feature made practical by continuations, the core construct of Stackless. Generators are especially suited to efficient operation on tree structures, which are, of course, the natural structure for XML processing. In this article I present examples and techniques for using generators for XML processing. "  10:34:08 PM  permalink  

Annual report on nations and freedom: "This year's Freedom House report is notable because it records some otherwise unnoticed trends. One is the number of Muslim countries that are quietly making progress toward greater political freedom and personal liberty: Afghanistan, Albania, Tajikistan, Qatar, Turkey, Senegal and Bahrain. While the 30-year record of the survey does indicate that, as a rule, few countries with Islamic majorities are democracies, it does not show any "inexorable link" between Islam and tyranny, as some have lately speculated. Indeed, if the Muslims who live in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Western Europe and North America are all counted, it seems that most of the world's 1.2 billion Muslims actually live under democratically elected governments..

Of the world's least-free countries, a striking number are directly associated with the export of international terrorism: Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya. The same is true of disputed territories, which the survey measures too: Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir. Again, there is no evidence of cause and effect, but the correlation is notable, and worth thinking about. In explaining the growth of terrorism, and in looking for its roots, much attention has been paid to the religious causes that the terrorists claim to support, and to their hatred of the United States. Far more might be learned from a closer examination of the political climate of their native countries"

  2:05:10 PM  permalink  

The Detroit Project - by Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars: Arianna Huffington's anti-SUV campaign has two amusing TV commercials.  "George" is pretty good.  10:07:44 AM  permalink  


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