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daily link  Tuesday, January 07, 2003

SuperGrid Concept Sparks Interest: "EPRI Founder and President Emeritus Chauncey Starr's vision of a continental SuperGrid that delivers electricity and hydrogen in an integrated energy pipeline is sparking interest in the scientific and technical community. "  Big tech version of an energy future.  11:34:59 PM  permalink  

X-traWeb: Web enabling hardware and software Internet technology provider.  Combines equipment and NOC services to utilities to do telemetry and remote control of power equipment.  Parent company World Wireless provided equipment to NSF wireless trials.  2002 presentation to electric coops available.  11:28:23 PM  permalink  

Energy Co-Opportunity for US Electric Cooperatives: "ECO is a cooperative which provides its electric co-op members with new energy solutions, including access to distributed energy technologies."  Their annual conference on distributed energy is in April 2003 in Arizona.  11:17:29 PM  permalink  

Cringely on how to fix the music business: "A Business Model for Music in the Internet Age, and Why the Music Industry Probably Won't Go for It."  Good analysis, with ideas on treating music more like movies, and studios run more like VC's.  9:53:02 PM  permalink  

Solar and wind power to counter Malaysia fuel problem: "Sarawak is seeking the help of Japanese experts in solar and wind power generation to overcome a crippling fuel-shortage problem faced by 10,000 natives in the Bario Highlands near the border of Kalimantan. "  9:40:27 PM  permalink  

Cringely on the bus: An entertaining history of personal computer bus architectures, and "Intel's Plan to Crush Competitors by Making More and More of Your Next PC."  9:27:42 PM  permalink  

Calif. Beach City Offers Free Wireless Web Surfing: "The surf's up in downtown Long Beach, California, a seaside city in Southern California that has installed a free public high-speed wireless Internet network to help attract visitors. .. Long Beach found that after setting up [public/private] partnerships it could offer the service for a cost to the city of about $3,000 per year.  "The extra business if nothing else is certainly going to offset that," said Bruce Mayes, a city economic development official who is project manager for the wireless zone. The portal also gives information on Long Beach businesses and facilities. Long Beach intends to extend free wireless access to the local airport, one of the Los Angeles-area hubs, and then farther around the downtown Long Beach area."  Will wireless internet become an amenity, like water in restaurants, too cheap (and counterproductive) to meter?  9:13:33 AM  permalink  

UK Police Find Deadly Poison, Arrest N. Africans: "- British anti-terrorist police said Tuesday they had found a small quantity of ricin, one of the world's deadliest toxins, in raids in north London that led to the arrest of seven north Africans. Scotland Yard said the ricin -- famously used to assassinate Bulgarian exile Georgi Markov in London in 1978 with a needle-tipped umbrella -- was discovered when police raided homes in the capital Sunday.  There is no known antidote to the poison, which experts say is easy to make and stockpile. A small dose can be lethal and causes flu-like symptoms for a few days before death. "  9:05:11 AM  permalink  


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