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daily link  Sunday, January 05, 2003

Investment Fund Established for Renewable Energy: "A new investment fund aims to raise $100 million for renewable energy, efficiency and environmental technologies. Energy & Environment Capital Partners LLC, New York City, will invest in energy technologies such as wind, solar, biomass and geothermal. Also targeted will be distributed generation technologies such as fuel cells and microturbines and remediation technologies and processes that convert wastes into usable products or energy. Individual investments are expected to range between $2 million and $20 million. Managing partners are energy and environmental consultant Peter Fusaro [amazon book], financial adviser Alexa Willson and structured finance consultant Stephen Traicoff."  9:53:02 PM  permalink  

Uganda renewables study begins: "Electrowatt-Ekono Oy, which is part of the Jaakko Pöyry Group's Energy business group, and Norplan A.S., Norway, have concluded a contract with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development of Uganda for preparing an alternative energy resources assessment and utilisation study. The study is funded by the African Development Bank and its total value amounts to EUR 2 million, of which Electrowatt-Ekono's services account for approximately 60 per cent. The project's duration is 13 months, during which the consultant will investigate the possibilities of using biomass, peat, small hydropower resources, solar and wind power and geothermal energy for electrification, especially of rural areas. Electrowatt-Ekono will be responsible for project management, administration and specialist services related to biomass, peat and geothermal energy. "  9:50:12 PM  permalink  

New solar "Sliver Cell" from Australia: "A joint venture between the Australian National University and Origin Energy has developed a new type of solar cell with the potential to revolutionise the global solar power industry..  The new technology reduces costs in two main ways – by using much less expensive silicon for similar efficiency and power output, and needing less capital to build a solar panel plant of similar capacity. "  9:32:06 PM  permalink  

The internet and South Korea's new president: How internet access shaped the outcome of the recent election.  "Sonn Hochul, a political scientist at Sogang University in Seoul: "The Roh phenomenon was based on the Internet. It's a new form of political participation, and it has educated young people about politics. This was an Internet election.""  Also, Howard Reingold carried an email from an intelligence analyst about it:   1:20:48 AM  permalink  

Japanese island may adopt hydrogen economy:  Yakushima Island, south of Kyushu, Japan, is designated by the UN as a world heritage nature preserve.  An engineering executive aims to create the world’s first zero-emission, hydrogen-exporting economy.  12:24:56 AM  permalink  


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