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daily link  Tuesday, December 10, 2002

NEON-background: "Like the use of vessels in oceanography or telescopes in astronomy, NEON will set in place observatories to "deploy" infrastructure for comprehensive, integrated measurements and analysis of ecological systems. In effect, by co-locating biological research infrastructure, NEON observatories will enable state-of-the-art investigations in field biology. "  11:32:54 AM  permalink  

An Ecological In Situ Sensor Resource: links to sensor technologies and vendors, and an overview powerpoint.  10:48:34 AM  permalink  

An Ecological In Situ Sensor Resource: links to sensor technologies and vendors, and an overview powerpoint.  10:48:33 AM  permalink  

Sensor Array Projects and Networks: Hundreds of relevant groups and projects, about 40 international, updated January 2002.  10:46:31 AM  permalink  

Mexico Renewable Energy Program added RE to protected areas: "Between 1994 and 1998, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, the World Wildlife Fund, and their local partners received technical assistance and financial support to develop renewable energy projects to enhance the remote operations of their own staff and the activities of their local non-governmental organization (NGO) partners."  25 sites were involved, Sandia national labs participated, Winrock studied and documented as "Green power for green places" (apparently not online, only available by request).  Enersol mentions their participation as well:  "Also in 1999, the first version of "Green Power for Green Places" was published and distributed by Winrock International. This pamphlet prepared by staff of the Mexico Renewable Energy Program, including Enersol, documents various projects which have incorporated renewable energy to promote biological research, conservation, and eco-tourism in protected areas of Mexico."  9:57:10 AM  permalink  

A Mutual Joint-stock World in all Meridians: Interesting college commencement ramble by a classics professor on the sacking and fall of Rome, Augustine, and 9/11. Comes from the Edge website.  9:02:59 AM  permalink  


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