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daily link  Saturday, December 07, 2002

Volcanic Study the Wireless Way:  Chilean universities have deployed 802.11 gear to link campuses, regional high schools, and seismic detectors underground:  "The University of La Frontera (UFRO) in Temuco, Chile and the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Marma (UTFSM) in Valparamso, Chile already have established a network between themselves and numerous other educational institutions, in a first step toward the proposed volcano study."  High school students can join in university classes over the links, as well as access the Internet.  "As envisioned by the scientists, special sensors will be buried deep into the ground near the volcanoes. The sensors will monitor seismic activity such as earthquakes near the volcanoes. The also will keep an eye out for changes in the formation of the Earth's surface, by measuring the location of certain points of land over time. .. the sensors will be connected to a basic desktop computer, which in turn will be connected to a special Internet Protocol camera with a USB port. The PC will then transfer data about volcanic activity from the sensor and the IP camera to researchers back at UFRO via the long-distance wireless link.  This project should enable researchers to monitor and study the volcanoes without having to physically go on site. If all goes as planned, scientists also will be able to warn the public of potentially disastrous volcanic activity, enabling people to evacuate in advance of an eruption."  10:53:11 PM  permalink  


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