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daily link  Wednesday, November 27, 2002

'Wire-free' electricity juices mobile devices: "The base is safe to human contact and emits no harmful radiation, the company said. It will distribute power only to devices placed on top of it that include a special microchip developed by MobileWise that sends information to the pad, such as how many watts are required to power the device. That means other objects, such as a wristwatch or a full coffee cup, would be unaffected when placed on top of the mat. "  3:03:28 AM  permalink  

German investment in China wind power:  $10m, 16 mw: "The project is a test of the viability of commercially financed and operated wind farms in China. China has theoretical wind power availability of 250,000 megawatts, making it one of the largest potential markets in the world."  2:48:17 AM  permalink  

Wireless Field Tests: Dave Hughes 1996-7 diary.  Scroll down to "Centennial School District of the Town of San Luis " story, which involves Freewave 115kbps gear (more info).  Nice to see what was possible even 5 years ago!  12:26:09 AM  permalink  

Jeffrey Winters, professor of Political Economy at Northwestern University, reviews the situation in Indonesia in light of the Bali attack:  "One of the reasons there has been such skepticism [in Indonesia] that this could be al Qaeda doing this and there is such a wide belief that the U.S. did,  is because this explosion in Bali in no way benefits the global  network of al Qaeda. If anything, it does damage to them and benefits  the U.S. in the sense that it pushes the Megawati government into  acting in a way it has been reluctant to act heretofore [such as bank reporting of money laundering, weak policing of island  hideouts and training camps for extremists] ..

there is no doubt that this bombing has weakened the government of  Megawati. There is no clear reason why al Qaeda would want to weaken  the government of Megawati. There are a lot of potential targets all  over the world. Why choose the nightclub in Bali? So there are a lot  of things that don't fit, don't make sense from a strategic point of  view if you were in al Qaeda. But, it does make sense if we're talking  about local elements who went off to Afghanistan, 800 Indonesians, who then came back and have been sort of trying to wreak havoc ever since.  These people have very local agendas, but may share a common  ideological identity, but are what I call al Qaeda links, but not Al  Qaeda operatives."

There are many disgruntled by the corruption under Suharto, the  persistence of many of his people in power, and recent cuts in the  military: "Indonesia has actually been plagued by an almost epidemic  of explosions and bombings since 1998. You had around 8 or 9 bombings  in 1998, slightly more than that in 1999, it peaked with 20 explosions  in the year 2000, and then back down below 10 in 2001. The world's  attention was caught, obviously, by the enormous explosion in Bali,  but in the year 2000, there was an explosion in the basement of the  underground parking garage of the Jakarta Stock Exchange that was huge  and it turns out it involved Indonesian Special Forces Red Bureau  Soldiers."

What should the US do?  "this may seem counter-productive at first,  but I think it would actually be helpful, for the United States to  actually take full credit for the history of what it did in Indonesia.  As it were—come clean and honest about its role in trying to  destabilize and break up Indonesia in the 1950's, the role the CIA  played in that, and the role the United Stated government played in  1965 in the overthrow in Sukarno and the installation of President  Suharto. In a weird way, it would have a double-edged effect. It would  confirm what Indonesians already know and suspect, but it would also  sort of say, that was then, this is what we did, we're coming clean  about it, we're confessing, but we don't have a menacing agenda  towards you today. We're your partner today. The problem now is, that  the United States wants it both ways. The U.S. wants to be trusted,  but it doesn't want to take responsibility for anything that happened.  And the United States government has not released crucial documents  regarding what happened more than thirty years ago. And the statute of  limitations is supposed to run out after thirty years. We're supposed  to come clean for the sake of history and for the sake of historians.  That hasn't happened and Indonesians know it and they're suspicious. I  think the U.S. can't get beyond that suspicion without coming clean.  "

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