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daily link  Sunday, November 24, 2002

Subsidies boost German solar energy industry: $1B investment in equipment producers, 1998-2004.  "Installed solar power in Germany in 2001 stood at 200 megawatt (MW), again trailing behind Japan which had over 400 MW put into place. The U.S. came third with about 175 MW of installed capacity."  9:23:31 PM  permalink  

Wireless NSF Test Pages: Envirosonics: a first trial of wireless internet reporting of wildlife sounds, in a Lansing-area back yard in Michigan.  4:55:46 PM  permalink  

Wireless NSF Test Pages: "Prototype Testing and Evaluation of Wireless Instrumentation for Ecological Research at Remote Field Locations by Wireless" :  A 1999-2002 NSF project in nature reserves in 4 states finds value in gathering scientific data and reporting it via wireless to the internet.  Further work is required to cut the costs of sensors to allow their decentralization.  This would allow "collecting light data on the floor of rain forests from many points simultaneously, the ability to monitor water levels in hundreds of 'pipes' in ground areas around lakes, the monitoring of multiple animal, bird, and insect sounds in field areas, the ability to monitor data every few feet up the trunks of large rain forest trees. The ability to deploy very small video capture devices in multiple locations. "  Comments on demonstration effects in the local community concerning the availability of broadband internet access, and on science education, are included.  More detailed findings comment on preferences for different types of radios.  Principal Investigator:  David R Hughes (of Big Sky Telegraph fame), Colorado, 719-636-2040.  4:51:00 PM  permalink  

PV critique:  Paper finding home PV systems to be developmentally unsustainable.  4:30:26 PM  permalink  

Saddam shuts son's paper: "Saddam Hussein's decision to order the surprise closure last week of the newspaper run by his eldest son, Uday, was taken to punish him for trying to increase his power base within Iraq, The Telegraph has learned. The rare public demonstration of tensions inside the regime coincided with reports from recent defectors that small but significant signs of dissent are emerging in the tightly-controlled country.. Uday, who is increasingly frustrated that he has been replaced as Saddam’s heir apparent by his younger brother, Qusay, had been attempting to use the Babel newspaper to boost his image and influence.   Alone among Iraqi media outlets, it repeated Western news reports, even if they were usually dressed up as examples of anti-Baghdad propaganda. He has recently run articles critical of Jordan and Egypt and, most notably, published a story featuring claims that Saddam and his family were planning to flee to Libya. He also defended the international news channel CNN in a recent dispute with the Information Ministry and he controls television and radio stations broadcasting Western films and music."  4:20:40 PM  permalink  

One-cell life studied as energy source:  "A group led by J. Craig Venter, director of a private program that mapped the human genome, has received a $3 million Department of Energy grant to make a new type of bacterium using DNA manufactured in the lab from basic chemicals. The goal, said Venter, is to build a bacterium that is capable of making hydrogen that could be used for fuel, or to develop a microbe that could absorb and store carbon dioxide.."

  4:14:12 PM  permalink  

CountryHawk: CountryHawk detects the country of your site visitors in real-time. Using it you can finally serve customized content, restrict access, and calcuate accurate stats based on your visitor's country.  Cringley writes: "CountryHawk, which I think is cool technology, provides a way to take an IP address and determine with 95 to 98 percent accuracy the country in which it's based. It operates quickly and without network traffic, using an internal database that updates monthly. In benchmarks, it handles 50,000 to 100,000 queries per second. CountryHawk currently has Java (servlet/JSP) and ASP versions."  Cost: from $100 to $500 per server, depending on volume of use.  9:13:59 AM  permalink  

Games and hackers:  Sony's Everquest game is played by 450,000 people, 60-80,000 at any one time.  Among them are a few that have hacked the game to give them an advantage, and the problem might soon get out of hand.  Fun story.  8:58:41 AM  permalink  


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