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daily link  Saturday, November 23, 2002

For Solar Power, Foggy City Maps Its Bright Spots: NYT update on solar cell installations in San Fran, including its Solar Energy Monitoring Network:  "Resembling lunar probes on spindly legs, the machines are equipped with sensors that measure solar energy. Readings are transmitted by radio to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, where engineers plot them on a computerized "fog map" of the city"  10:47:08 PM  permalink  

ATS spherical solar cells update: "In 1987, Hammerbacher was the chief scientist of solar energy at Texas Instruments, developing a solar panel that was as flexible as fabric, and strong like plexiglass. His breakthrough involved using millions of tiny silicon beads, two millimetres in diameter, sandwiched between sheets of aluminum foil... [The] spherical process produces a megawatt of power using nine tons of silicon, compared with 18 to 24 tons for conventional solar panels. Ongoing improvements could lower costs to under two tons per megawatt, Hammerbacher believes. ATS is investing $85 million into a 120,000-square-foot spheral solar manufacturing plant on Royal Oak Road, opening in the fall of 2003 and employing about 200"  10:42:00 PM  permalink  


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