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daily link  Monday, November 18, 2002

Ocean Power Technologies harvests the waves: "the computerized system housed in a watertight canister at the top of the buoy allows an internal piston-like device to supply uniform power, derived from the random, up-and-down motion of ocean waves. In the case of OPT's commercial systems, the power is carried via underwater cable to shore. Each buoy generates about 20 kilowatts of electricity." The PowerBuoys are 40 to 65 feet in length anchored to the sea floor and ride between 4 to 13 feet below the ocean surface.  Cost is approx 7 c per kw.  US Navy has funded much research to reduce its bases' reliance on diesel, with a system slated for Kauai in early 2003 (graphic supplied; contact Marine Corps Base Hawaii Public Affairs Office at (808) 257-8840).  Ocean research may also benefit: "Another prototype developed in conjunction with Rutgers' Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, will allow for battery-charging of some of the institute's ocean monitoring sensors, placed at a distance too remote for cable linkage to onshore power."  OPT is located near WorldWater in Pennington.  11:08:21 PM  permalink  

Wildcatting the wind in Alberta, Canada: "When they find a place they like, they put up a "met mast" -- short for meteorological mast. The slender towers can have anywhere from two to five small spinning wheels, called anemometers, attached to them at various heights. Their rotations measure the speed of the wind, which is then averaged every 10 minutes, captured by computer and either recorded in a data log or relayed by satellite. The towers boast a solar panel and battery to power the data logger. Met masts are a dead giveaway that someone is scouting the wind prospects in that area."  10:46:09 PM  permalink  


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