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daily link  Saturday, November 16, 2002

New cable carries more electricity: "Adding ceramic fibers and small amounts of other material to today's aluminum-based electric power transmission lines yields cables capable of carrying higher voltages without deforming.. Replacing existing transmission lines to bolster the nation's existing power grid would be far less expensive than finding more rights-of-way and building additional towers, said Michael Karnitz, deputy director of ORNL's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program. The new cables could be certified for use in the next couple of years." (I saw a slide of new cable from an EPRI presentation recently, which showed a fiber optic cable woven into the cable package, so along with increased power capacity came communications capacity as well.)  8:31:12 PM  permalink  

Lightweight radiation-proof fabric: "The world's first lightweight radiation-proof fabric has been developed by a US company. Called Demron, its potential applications range from lightweight full-body suits - which would allow the wearer to move unencumbered in high-radiation areas - to protective tents and radiation-proof linings for aircraft and spacecraft.   .. "The molecules are lined up to give the illusion of the presence of large atoms," says Hefler. The electrons are capable of deflecting beta radiation or absorbing the energy of alpha radiation and X-rays."  10:08:38 AM  permalink  


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