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daily link  Sunday, November 10, 2002

Progress report on Palladium: "..as currently specced Palladium doesn't look very convincing. It's a sort of secure subsystem you can kick in when needed, but when it's not running, Windows is just as secure or insecure as, well, Windows. And in practice it's most likely to be in use when it suits vendors, rather than when it suits you. "  10:39:38 PM  permalink  

Clayton Christensen wrote The Innovator's Dilemma in 1997.  The 2000 edition has a chapter on applying his insights to electric vehicles.  He has a new journal/newsletter whose first issue is free online, with 2 articles on Environmental Transport.   p 13-15 focus on the positive aspects of Corbin Motors strategy:  Their vehicles "could certainly not pass muster against the "nocompromise experience" standard set by some Ford executives. However, they offer other advantages that may allow them to gain scale within small, but growing, disruptive niches. ..  History shows that this type of strategy could prove fruitful. Early in the history of the auto industry, internal combustion vehicles did not enjoy a significant functionality advantage over animal-powered transport; cars and trucks were tough to maintain and bad roads impeded their performance in many areas. Some early users adopted internal combustion vehicles not because of their better performance, but because they would no longer have to [deal with animals]... Surely, the unique performance profiles of new environmentally friendly vehicles should allow these vehicles to find niches where they can gain traction in the short term. From there, the products can move "up-market", challenging the higher performing product architectures supported by the incumbents."  Pizza delivery fleets, third world taxis, and teenager starter cars are examples.

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