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daily link  Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Wave power pioneer to make desert rain: Wierd idea gets research funding.  "The wind turbines, based on an existing design called the Darrieus turbine and described as a "40-metre-high egg beater", would be installed on barges or catamarans off the coast of desert land.  Aerofoil-shaped blades attached at the top and bottom would be spun on a vertical axis by the wind and the turning motion of the rotors would be harnessed to pump seawater scooped up from the sea .. and out through slits as a fine spray. As the droplets evaporate, salt would fall back into the sea and a cloud of water vapour would drift inland in the turbulence created by the rotors, increasing the probability of rain. The initial research into the feasibility of the vision has been awarded £105,000 in funding by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. It will concentrate in the short term on climate models to predict where and in what conditions the water vapour generated by the turbines would fall.

Professor Salter, 62, believes the siting of wind turbines of this kind close to deserts could enable areas of drought-hit land to be regenerated for agricultural and other purposes. .. The cost of a cubic metre of water won by Professor Salter's invention is estimated at $0.002, while the cost from desalination is 1000 times that."

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Devastated Ecuador Town Being Rebuilt in 'Harmony With Environment:  4 years after floods and an earthquake, the town of Bahia is rebuilt as an "eco-city":  "We're working on an artificial wetland system to treat the sewage water. We have an alternative energy plan for the whole city, that's solar and wind power for the whole city," he said. "I believe, one day, we'll be seeing electric buses and electric taxis in the city."  Also, organic shrimp farming has replaced the previously declining shrimp operations.  8:06:42 PM  permalink  


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