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daily link  Friday, October 18, 2002

South Africa: World Bank Visit Boosts East Cape Clean Energy Project: "This station or "wind farm" will work in tandem with a small hyro-electric plant, using an existing dam on the farm. The aim is that together the two stations will be capable of generating 12 megawatts of electricity... A key member of the bank's Prototype Carbon Fund, Robert Chronowski travels the world to identify potential project partners.  If a proposal appears to have all the ingredients to be viable, yet no other way of being launched, an offer is made. The standard terms are R110 ($11) for a ton of carbon offset by clean energy. An average one ton of carbon is emitted for every megawatt per hour generated by coal-fired electricity.  The fund is paid in carbon offset certificates and these can be used by the fund's shareholders -- mega-corporations and governments around the developed world -- to offset their own emissions."  10:15:45 PM  permalink  


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