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daily link  Thursday, October 17, 2002

India clears six projects to cut emissions:  India has cleared six project proposals under the "prompt start" clean development mechanism. This was agreed under the Marrakesh Accord to enable parties to embrace CDM without waiting for Kyoto to come into force. Only two players are now offering to trade carbon — Netherlands and the World Bank. .. Netherlands, through Senter International, a Dutch government agency, floated a tender for procurement of Certified Emission Reductions from potential Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in November ‘01. Its commitment under Kyoto is 6% below the 1990 level — roughly 200 mega tonnes of carbon dioxide [perhaps 50% from CDM].  It received 80 proposals including 11 from India of which 26 have been shortlisted.  The six Indian projects together propose an estimated reduction of 2,64,66,549 tonnes of CO2:

  • Ind Barath Energies (7.5 MW biomass power project)
  • Kalpataru Energy Venture (biomass in Rajasthan: electricity generation from mustard crop residues)
  • Vestas RRB India (which proposes two projects, a combined 15 MW wind biomass project and another 14.45 MW wind power project)
  • Suzlon Energy (15 MW grid connected wind energy project)
  • Enercon (India) (15 MW grid connected renewable electricity supply project)
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Canadian Wind Turbines Bound for China: "Canadian turbine manufacturer AAER has signed a letter of intent with the Chinese firm Fujian YongFeng Science and Technology to purchase 27, 1.5 MW wind turbines. This US$49 million-dollar deal is supported by an option to purchase 66 additional wind turbines bringing the total value of the order to US$120 million dollars. Furthermore, an American group is also getting ready to announce a US$200 million intent to purchase 120 wind turbines made by AAER. Based in Montreal since December 2000, AAER plans to set up its large capacity wind turbine plant in Quebec in the fall of 2003.  By 2011, all NAFTA countries should have installed wind turbines providing 30,000 MW. In 2003 alone, the United States plans to install equipment capable of a 2,500 MW capacity. "

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Islamist Militants May Seek To Unite, Strike in Europe: "Russian and Yugoslav intelligence sources claim that more than 150 Islamic radicals from more than 50 countries held a secret congress in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Oct. 8. Strana.ru, a pro-government Russian media source, issued a similar report, citing "well-informed diplomatic sources." According to these sources, the Islamists declared jihad on the "European race" -- meaning both Americans and Europeans -- because it has become "the willing slaves of Jews and Israel." .. It is probably not a coincidence that just after the congress reportedly was held, some European secret services and interior ministries stated concerns that a "powerful strike" would be delivered against one of the EU countries, Le Monde reported Oct. 14. Britain, France, Germany and Belgium were named as the most likely targets. The fact that the meeting purportedly was held in Bosnia suggests the country may become a center for international Islamic militants to coordinate operations in Europe. This seems especially possible in light of electoral victories by Bosnian Muslim nationalists earlier this month. "  9:21:34 PM  permalink  

North Korea's Nuclear Admission: U.S. Times Announcement To Pressure China: "The U.S. State Department said Oct. 16 that North Korea has admitted to having a nuclear weapons program. Such news isn't all that surprising, but the timing of the statement -- just before the China-U.S. presidential summit -- is. Washington now has made North Korean behavior a key issue of U.S.-Chinese relations and will expect China to keep its neighbor under control. "  9:18:56 PM  permalink  


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