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daily link  Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Kenya to import power from South Africa by 2006: "Energy minister Chris Okemo said plans were under way to connect the national grid to the Tanzanian one, which is linked to South African supply.  Moving a motion on the vote of his ministry, Mr Okemo said the link would add 100 mega watts to the national grid. The minister said the decisions to import power from South Africa was arrived at when it was realised that locally-generated powers as well that imported from Uganda was not enough to satisfy local demand ..The minister also announced that the government was planning to develop other sources of energy like wind and geothermal to supplementary the hydro-electricity."

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UK methane gas powerplant installed at abandoned coalmine: A new gas-fired power plant at a former coal mine in Wheldale, West Yorkshire in north England cuts greenhouse emissions and produces power.  It "has a capacity of 10.6 megawatt and is expected to cut methane emissions from the mine by 85 percent. .. There are more than 1,000 abandoned coalmines in the UK and estimates suggest they could leak up to 13.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere."  12:54:20 PM  permalink  

Europe Pushes for Renewable Energy: The EU has "set a goal of obtaining 22 % of its electricity and 12 % of all energy from renewable sources by 2010.  Economics and geopolitics are behind the move as much as environmental concerns. Europe depends much more heavily on imported energy than the United States does: around 70 percent of its oil and gas comes from abroad, mainly the Middle East and Russia. .. The commission, the executive body of the union, has already earmarked more than 2.1 billion euros ($2 billion) for research over the next five years into sustainable energy projects, a 20-fold increase in the last five years (1997-2001). "  8:17:19 AM  permalink  


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