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daily link  Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Business 2.0 - Blogging for Dollars: "Network World recently reported, Phillip Windley, CIO of the state of Utah, has offered a weblog tool called Radio to any state employee who wants it. The addition of a Google Search Appliance makes the content of these blogs easily accessible to anyone. Employees haven't exactly been jumping on the offer, but over time, Windley says, he hopes these blogs will develop into a "state knowledge base." "  Verizon is also using a blog tool from Traction Software for market intelligence.  9:31:42 PM  permalink  

World Business Council for Sustainable Development:   Networks of businesses in many countries, with case studies on the site.  "These independent membership organizations, already numbering more than 30, have a common commitment to providing business leadership for change toward sustainable development in their respective countries and regions"  4:32:00 PM  permalink  

Dung power gets green award: Farm waste (esp animal dung) becomes methane turning electric turbines and heating water.  "The pioneering £7.7m complex, at Holsworthy, north Devon, has won the UK Euro Solar award for 2002 for its builders, German-based Farmatic UK.  The plant runs on around 1.6m tons of slurry collected each year from 30 local farmers. At full capacity, it will produce around 1.4 megawatts of power. "We hope to build at least 100 farms in the UK." Energy 21 said.. Dung-fuelled power stations are popular in both Germany and Denmark, with about 20-large scale plants operating in each country. "  At about $10 per watt, it seems to me to only make sense when disposal of the slurry is a problem -- ie, when the feedstock has a negative price.  That's still a substantial potential.  9:03:23 AM  permalink  


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