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daily link  Sunday, October 06, 2002

PVs for Brazil schools, project "PRODEEM": "BP recently won a contract to provide and install solar photovoltaic systems in 1852 schools throughout 11 States in Brazil. The schools will have solar panels installed to provide electricity for televisions, computers and refrigeration for food and will benefit the lives of over 60,000 children. "  The project is valued at $10 million and will install over 1.3MW of solar power in 9 months.  In addition, a study is underway to determine its potential emission credit value under the Clean Development Mechanism.  Powerpoint on this and related 75-site indigenous community project and CDM issues is available. Contact: Giles Mackey, BP, Tel +44 207 579 77 89, mackeyg@bp.com  10:46:42 PM  permalink  

SIDSnet, the Small Island Developing States Network: The 43 member states of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) include Caribbean nations, Fiji, Maruitius, Malta, and others.  The SIDSnet site includes profiles of islands, a link to GEF projects in member states, a calendar and other info. The new Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative aims to increase use of renewable energy in island states.  Electricity there normally comes from diesel gensets, costing 10-20 cents per kw.  The GSEII is jointly administered by Organization of American States, Climate Institute, Winrock International, Counterpart International, Energy and Security Group and Forum for Energy and Development.  For further information about the Initiative contact Mr. Thomas Lynge Jensen at tlj@inforse.org.

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Wave power : Engineering Business and Lancaster University have signed an agreement to start commercial development of the "Stingray" Frond Wave Generator.  The Frond is a one of a number of wave generator concepts developed by the university which have shown promise during testing of scale models.  A floating paddle-like collector surface is located on the end of a long lever to capture wave movement due to its buoyancy.  The lower end of the lever drives a hydraulic power system that is fixed to the seabed, and the floating section can rotate to face prevailing waves at all times.  8:25:34 AM  permalink  

GenSelf finance+equipment packages in for home PV in California:  GenSelf Corp will install PV systems from Sharp Electronics on homes and small businesses to provide up to 80% of electrical demand and reduce power costs by 40%, with no capital investment. The solar systems are financed through a second mortgage, and a combination of low mortgage rates and financial incentives provide net costs that can be lower than rates charged by most utilities. The company claims to be the first to offer a total finance package as a standard product in southern California. The Sharp systems range from 2 to 10 kW, and include a 25-year performance warranty. The California Energy Commission's renewable energy buy-down program provides a 50% rebate on the purchase price while GenSelf provides 100% financing for the balance.  8:23:23 AM  permalink  

AstroPower Company to Supply Solar Electric Power Systems for Villages Located Off the Utility Grid:  Atersa (Aplicaciones Tecnicas de la Energia, S.L.), has been selected to design and supply solar electric power systems to power 227 off-grid rural villages in Senegal. "The project, which is part of the Republic of Senegal's rural development program, will total 425 installed peak kilowatts.  Including all necessary components for seamless installation and operation, Atersa's solar electric power systems will power social centers, schools, health facilities, and religious centers. These systems will also power 10 to 12 streetlights per village. Each remote system will include four 85-watt solar electric power modules, one 75-watt module per streetlight, an inverter, batteries, mounting hardware, and DC fluorescent lighting." Valued at $7.4 million, the project will complete in 2003.

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Ex-Im Bank boost funding for green projects: "In fiscal year 2002 to date, the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) is supporting more than $300 million of U.S. exports of environmentally beneficial goods and services related to renewable energy, and air, water and land remediation. Ex-Im Bank assists U.S. environmental exports through all of its financing products, and these exports can qualify for longer repayment terms, capitalization of interest and local cost coverage up to 15% of the U.S contract. " Among the projects are a guarantee to Solar Outdoor Lighting of Florida to sell $2.6 million of billboards and solar-powered outdoor lighting systems to Afromedia Nigeria in Lagos; environmental insurance policies to help Astropower of Delaware to export solar cells and modules to Mexico and Kenya; insurance policies for Southwest Windpower of Arizona to sell battery-charging wind generators to Turkey, India, South Africa and St. Lucia.  8:09:25 AM  permalink  

Solar powered bus stops: "- Carmanah Technologies has been selected for a field trial of 24 solar-powered, LED (light emitting diode) illuminated transit stops in London, England by London Bus Services.  .. Worth an estimated Cdn$15M to $18M, the London Bus Services project would require a system-wide rollout of approximately 12,000 illuminated transit stops over the course of three years. A final supplier decision is scheduled for April, 2003."  This is another application of solar cells and efficient lighting to provide outdoor traffic lighting.  The expense in extra equipment (cells and batteries) is less than the cost of digging through the pavement to connect to the underground grid.  8:05:33 AM  permalink  


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