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daily link  Friday, October 04, 2002

Boise State Radio reaps desert wind: "Boise State Radio recently expanded its listener base by building a wind-powered radio transmitter high atop a Nevada mountain, giving National Public Radio reception to rural listeners in southern Idaho and northern Nevada for the first time. Harnessing the high desert wind became Boise State Radio's only option, since solar energy was too expensive and no commercial power was available on the remote 8,600-foot Ellen D. Mountain, south of Jackpot, Nev."  It uses propane for backup power, which is rarely required.  Total installation costs were $500,000.  9:42:22 PM  permalink  

The Rise of ``Worse is Better'':  A bit of tech history, explaining the MIT and New Jersey schools of software design.  ".. the worse-is-better software first will gain acceptance, second will condition its users to expect less, and third will be improved to a point that is almost the right thing. In concrete terms, even though Lisp compilers in 1987 were about as good as C compilers, there are many more compiler experts who want to make C compilers better than want to make Lisp compilers better. The good news is that in 1995 we will have a good operating system and programming language; the bad news is that they will be Unix and C. "  5:01:44 PM  permalink  


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