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daily link  Wednesday, October 02, 2002

DOE is funding product development for new batteries optimized for PV power storage.  The recipient company is called Heliocentric, located in Utah. "This new type of energy storage achieves energy densities equivalent to lead-acid batteries while dramatically improving upon round-trip energy efficiency, cycle life, available capacity, autonomy, maintenance requirements, environmental life cycle, and embodied energy."  11:47:46 PM  permalink  

Rural Electrification Corporation of India: REC "is the premier public sector development financial institution propelling energisation of rural India and is involved in providing assistance to State Electricity Boards (SEBs) and other utilities for electrification of villages , its mandate was expanded recently to undertake any project in the power sector".  An official visited Stanford Oct 2002 and offered some statistics:

  • Of 580,000 villages in India, 500,000 have some electric service.  Of the remainder, 18,000 villages have been identified as requiring only off-grid solutions
  • The national grid loses most of the electricity generated in India.  Of 105 GW generated, only 70 GW are delivered, and 45 GW billed or accounted for.  The technical losses (eg, from transmission over old low-voltage lines) and theft exceed paid delivery.
  11:41:39 PM  permalink  

Super-secret codes head for space:  "Quantum cryptography, a technique of producing secret messages that are reputedly uncrackable, may soon be used by orbiting communications satellites thanks to experiments by British and German researchers".  Tests were conducted between Swiss mountain peaks 20km apart.  Use with low earth orbit satellites are expected to be feasible.  11:18:40 PM  permalink  


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