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daily link  Saturday, September 28, 2002

Chemist Creates Structure In Amorphous Materials: "A chemist, Dr. James Martin, at North Carolina State University has made breakthrough discoveries that advance basic understandings of the nature of liquids and glasses at the atomic and molecular levels. Featured in the Sept. 26 issue of Nature, these discoveries could lead to the development of totally new materials with useful optical and electronic properties - as well as applications not yet foreseen. "  New theories allow the design and evaluation of new amorphous structures, followed by their construction in a lab.  11:43:57 PM  permalink  

Is Renewable Energy A Smart Business Idea Just Yet, in India?:  Mentions a few players in India:

  • Mr Jami Hossain, project director with Winrock India
  • "Wind power generation has become India’s leading source of clean energy. Just over 1,900 megawatts (mw) of energy across the country is generated by wind. The leading player in the field is Suzlon Energy Limited. The former textile company got into the wind power generating business seven years ago with the help of incentives from the Gujarat state government. Back then it had 20 employees, today it has just over 1,000"
  • "Tata BP Solar manufactures solar photovoltaic and thermal systems. For the year ended March, 2002, Tata BP Solar posted profits of Rs 180 crore — a little more than half that profit was derived from exports. Though the figure is small compared with Tata’s other interests, it’s growing at an enviable rate. Three years ago profits were Rs 81 crore. "
  11:40:03 PM  permalink  

Wi-Fi stretches its boundaries:  Proxim's offers an "ISP in a box" product: "priced from about $2,000 to $6,000, will include all the equipment necessary to become a small-scale network provider. The price differs depending on the quality of equipment and add-ons that a buyer may want. Each kit can serve about 250 customers."  Other vendors, and w-CDMA and MMDS, are also profiled.  8:15:24 AM  permalink  


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