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daily link  Friday, September 27, 2002

New microchip pumps liquid, not electrons: "This "microfluidic" lab-on-a-chip fits thousands of microscopic valves onto a square inch"  4:14:03 PM  permalink  

It Takes a Solar Village: "SOLAR DECATHLON: Check out the decathlon online for photos, contest details, consumer tips, links to individual Web sites and more: www.solardecathlon.org.  If a bunch of college kids can do this, why can't the building industry do this?"  3:55:13 PM  permalink  

UN Foundation funds China energy ventures: On Aug 16, 2002 the United Nations Foundation announced a USD 4.35 mln grant to China "to help finance sustainable energy and climate change initiatives in the country. The grant will be used to create China's first clean energy venture capital facility, support China's implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and establish cost-effective energy conservation programs. .. The goal of the venture capital fund, the major component of the grant, is to provide seed capital and technical assistance to emerging Chinese enterprises, especially those in rural communities. Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in China have been facing serious fund shortages in recent years. .. The fund, called the Climate-Friendly Technology Financing Facility, is also expected to make a good example for domestic and international investors to follow, and hopefully draw a minimum of USD 50 mln as the first major equity investment in China's clean energy enterprises."  2:24:52 PM  permalink  


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