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daily link  Saturday, September 07, 2002

100 jets join attack on Iraq:  (6 sep 02) Has the war effectively started?  "The raid appeared to be a prelude to the type of special forces operations that would have to begin weeks before a possible American-led war. The raid seemed designed to destroy air defences to allow easy access for special forces helicopters to fly into Iraq via Jordan or Saudi Arabia to hunt down Scud missiles before a possible war within the next few months."   4:08:35 AM  permalink  

Google inaccessible in China: China appears to have blocked leading search engine Google, sparking speculation of a crackdown on Internet content viewed as subversive ahead of a Communist Party congress in November.  The U.S.-based Web site, which has become popular among Internet surfers in China because of its simplicity and ability to run thorough Chinese-language Web searches, was inaccessible via Chinese servers as early as Saturday, users said.   3:55:18 AM  permalink  

New Book From Rocky Mountain Institute Foretells Revolution in Electric Power Industry: "Sep 03, 2002 -- A new book called Small Is Profitable: The Hidden Economic Benefits of Making Electrical Resources the Right Size", released today by Rocky Mountain Institute, describes 207 ways in which the size of "electrical resources"-devices that make, save, or store electricity-affects their economic value. It finds that properly considering the economic benefits of "distributed" (decentralized) electrical resources typically raises their value by a large factor, often as much as tenfold. These gains are realized through improved system planning, utility construction and operation, and service quality, and by avoiding societal costs." The executive summary is online.  3:09:48 AM  permalink  


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