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daily link  Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Apollo II: Roundup of sustainable energy with links to many countries. (Nov 2001)  11:50:25 PM  permalink  

orbcomm subscriber communicator: "ORBCOMM Subscriber Communicator" is the term for an orbcomm terminal.  Manufacturers can be investigated starting with this google query..  4:11:32 PM  permalink  

Rom Communications Inc. - "web to wireless" monitoring of fixed and mobile assets: "ROMâ019s MicroCom module is a combination of proprietary hardware and software, which provides "web to wireless" low cost high tech remote monitoring, tracking, data retrieval, and asset management for commercial, industrial, small business and consumer applications."  They use Orbcomm and other telemetry infrastructures, with an operating center tying it together.  Cybersensor has a similar concept and demonstration.  4:08:13 PM  permalink  


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