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daily link  Tuesday, September 03, 2002

The FACTS about Line Capacity: Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) combines solid state electronics and telecomms to get 30% more throughput from transmission facilities, while increasing its tolerance for variation (such as the inclusion of wind power).  "FACTS eliminates the need for ~45 gigawatts of new generation, which translates to $50 billion in unnecessary new power plants and $6 billion in ugly high-voltage power lines while meeting even the highest U.S. electricity demand projections for the next 20 years. "  Research by EPRI, evaluation in trials in US Govt grids.  10:45:56 PM  permalink  

World Energy Consumption: The Good, The Bad, and The BTUs:  Numbers and concise summary. "If the per capita energy consumption in the developing world were to reach only 50% of that consumed by the citizens of industrialized nations, and if everyone in the prosperous industrialized nations were to conserve themselves down to that same level, energy production worldwide would have to double. .. The prevailing energy issue worldwide is how will global energy output double or triple in the next twenty years in a way that is clean and sustainable. Because even with highly efficient energy usage and conservation worldwide, that's what it's going to take for the countries of the world to stay on the course of economic growth and development that they clearly desire and deserve.  Can "non-hydro renewables" provide this much energy? Maybe, but it would take a transformation in the world energy infrastructure of unimaginable speed and scope. "  10:38:34 PM  permalink  

Really Simple Syndication: "Gentle introduction to RSS", with excellent chart comparing versions.  10:34:07 PM  permalink  

Personal Indonesian News:  A blogger found several Indonesian blogs that provide both personal and political info from that country.   " I'm starting to get my local international news via personal RSS feeds."  10:26:46 PM  permalink  

Bladeless turbines: Instead of using blades, the turbine manufactured by IAS uses supersonic nuzzles to propel it. 'Our turbine doesn't require expensive blades, so the maintenance on it is very simple and inexpensive.  The big issue is we are able to efficiently use low-quality steam and to adjust the temperature of the steam without incurring difficult maintenance or a huge shift in efficiency." While a conventional turbine must use steam, the bladeless turbine can use liquids, vapors or a combination of the two. That makes it ideal for use with geothermal energy sources that, until now, had to separate vapors from liquids."  It's expected to be used with solar thermal, biomass or propane, with some fuel cell application as well.  The first lisencee is in Hawaii.  3:41:40 PM  permalink  

Assessing Iraq's Arsenal: from the Washington Post, July 31, 2002. From a collection of bioterror materials at the UCLA School of Public Health.  11:39:34 AM  permalink  

Anthrax Missing From Army Lab: The Hartford Courant, January 20, 2002:  "Lab specimens of anthrax spores, Ebola virus and other pathogens disappeared from the Army's biological warfare research facility in the early 1990s, during a turbulent period of labor complaints and recriminations among rival scientists there, documents from an internal Army inquiry show. The 1992 inquiry also found evidence that someone was secretly entering a lab late at night to conduct unauthorized research, apparently involving anthrax."  In 1991 there was a "controversy over allegations of unprofessional behavior by Zack, Rippy, Brown and others who worked in the pathology division. They had formed a clique that was accused of harassing the Egyptian-born Assaad, who later sued the Army, claiming discrimination."  The FBI contacted Assaad after 9/11, "saying someone had mailed an anonymous letter - a few days before the existence of anthrax-laced mail became known - naming Assaad as a potential bioterrorist. FBI agents decided the note was a hoax after interviewing Assaad.  But Assaad said he believes the note's timing makes the author a suspect in the anthrax attacks, and he is convinced that details of his work contained in the letter mean the author must be a former Fort Detrick colleague."

  11:29:00 AM  permalink  

Kokhala: An energy service provider that specializes in Solar Thermal Electric generation. "In a commercial, industrial or residential facility, the waste heat energy from the facility's air conditioner and or refrigeration system is combined with heat energy collected from the sun, and the hot, higher pressure working fluid is expanded into a cooler and lower pressure working fluid generating alternating current (AC) electricity.. Kokhala has invented solar thermal electric technology which can reduce the onsite cost of electricity 12 - 25% below the cost of grid electricity."  8:17:57 AM  permalink  

Direct Global Power: DGP is a consulting and project implementation compnay "active in various areas of program development. These include programs for: Utilities Rural Electrification, and Photovoltaic Infrastructure Development."  Most customers are in the US, with some work in developing countries.  8:14:43 AM  permalink  


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