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daily link  Sunday, September 01, 2002

Germany Donates 8 Million Euros to Help NW Province Power System: "A memo has been signed recently in Lanzhou, capital of Northwest Gansu Province, on the German government providing eight million euros (eight million US dollars) to help build a solar energy power system in rural Gansu. The project is expected to benefit some 500,000 farmers in remote areas in the province, who suffer shortages of power supply, "  9:45:19 PM  permalink  

New personal search technology: "Looking much like a conventional metal detector, the system projects ultrahigh frequency, low-powered radio waves onto the front and back of the person being screened. These waves, known as millimeter or centimeter waves because they have wavelengths of about one centimeter, penetrate clothing and bounce off the person and the items he or she may be carrying. A sensor array captures the reflected waves and sends the information to a high-speed image-processing computer. The computer analyzes the information and produces a high-resolution, three-dimensional image from the signals that allows an operator to screen for suspicious materials."  Applications include both airport or event security, and theft detection for museums or industrial facilities.  The technology was licensed from a federal lab to SafeView Inc., a new corporation based in Menlo Park, Calif."  9:39:19 PM  permalink  

Denmark Proposes to Replace Water Supply Pumpsets in Karnataka: "Denmark has proposed replacing 3 million rural water supply pumpsets in Karnataka with energy efficient and cost-effective [Grundfos] solar powered pumps.. [Grundfos] has invested in a service-cum-training Centre and warehouse complex in Chennai, and plans a $12m factory for early 2003.  "Already, over 800 pumps have been sold to hotels, hospitals and large industries across India", Ranganath said. A full-fledged manufacturing plant would come up in Chennai by 2004. "  9:32:56 PM  permalink  

Indian villages tapping solar power to cope with India's erratic power grid: "Winrock says about 800,000 solar systems now generate a total of 65 megawatts of electricity in India. In addition, there are 360,000 lanterns, 160,000 home-lighting systems and 43,000 street lights powered by the sun, and Indians use 597,000 solar stoves, saving millions of cylinders worth of gas. Jami Hossain, a solar expert at Winrock, said prices have plummeted for solar technology over the last 20 years." Figures from India's Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) are somewhat higher (85 MW), of which 15% are for telecom applications.  Annual production of 20 MW of PV cells are anticipated in 2001-2002.  (Photos available.)  9:17:27 PM  permalink  

India hooking PVs to its grids:  In a national program to replace diesel gensets and shave peaks in urban demand, several projects are underway using domestically produced PVs.  "Last month, Bangalore based Bharat Heavy Electricals (BHEL) commissioned its four solar power plant in Lakshadweep, the islands off the south west coast of India." This 150kW plant is one in a series of replacements for diesel generators on islands in southern India.  "Transportation of diesel, which essentially depended on sea conditions, a cumbersome and costly process, required the continuous running of the diesel generators, leading to noise and air pollution. Contamination of groundwater by large-scale storage of diesel was another concern.'  BHEL is is also installing solar plants in the Andaman Islands.  "The SPV modules are manufactured at the BHEL manufacturing facility located at Bangalore. The solar cells and modules manufactured here are also exported to various countries such as Germany, Australia and Italy."   Meanwhile, India completed two solar power projects in Nepal valued at Rs. 15 million, and is planning more such projects.

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