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daily link  Saturday, August 31, 2002

Thermal diodes for generating electicity from waste heat: "An MIT scientist and a colleague have invented a semiconductor technology that could allow efficient, affordable production of electricity from a variety of energy sources without a turbine or similar generator. ..The new device is two times more efficient than its closest commercial competitor. "That such good results were obtained in the first generation of the new device technology ... indicates that the general approach has great promise for improved performance in more mature implementations," write Associate Professor Peter L. Hagelstein of MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Dr. Yan Kucherov of ENECO, Inc. .. By careful selection of materials, ENECO scientists are creating highly efficient, solid state conversion devices, called "thermal diodes," that will operate from 200° to 450° Celsius -- typical temperatures for waste heat and for concentrated solar radiation." (Nov 2001)

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New Process Could Harness Hydrogen Fuel From Plants: "James A. Dumesic and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin, Madison developed a platinum-based catalyst that breaks down glucose extracted from plant and animal matter into hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide and methane. .. The reaction occurs in a liquid phase and proceeds at relatively low temperatures (about 200 degrees Celsius), unlike the costly current methods of extracting hydrogen from glucose that use pressurized steam. The researchers report that hydrogen comprised 50 percent of the products in their tests. "  10:43:47 PM  permalink  


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