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daily link  Thursday, August 29, 2002

Atersa selected to power rural villages in Senegal: "AstroPower, Inc. announced today that Atersa (Aplicaciones Tecnicas de la Energia, S.L.), has been selected to supply solar electric power systems to power 227 rural villages in Senegal. Atersa will design and supply turnkey systems for villages that have no access to the conventional power grid. ..  Atersa's solar electric power systems will power social centers, schools, health facilities, and religious centers. These systems will also power 10 to 12 streetlights per village."  Total value: approximately 7,500,000 Euros ($7.4 million).  Atersa will begin shipping the systems by the end of 2002, and will complete the project in 2003.

  11:00:42 PM  permalink  

UN Grant to bring power to 20,000 households in India: "The United Nations Foundation has awarded $1.5 million to bring affordable and renewable energy technology to as many as 20,000 rural households in Karnataka, India, over 3 years. Approximately 70% of rural households in India lack access to electricity. .. Affordability is a key barrier to widespread adoption of solar PV in rural India where average yearly GDP is $430 and the cost of the units are $500. The UN Foundation has awarded .. an interest rate buy-down program. This will reduce the costs of loans for solar PV to consumers. The grant will also provide technical assistance to local banks to encourage lending to the solar sector. It will also sensitize bankers to the commercial viability and effectiveness of solar PV systems. "  10:57:10 PM  permalink  

SDNP - Pakistan: The Sustainable Development Networking Programme in Pakistan keeps a directory of national energy (and water) organizations.  8:56:01 PM  permalink  

Personal - Portable - Energy Systems: Personal heater and generator, for outdoors use. Butane powered, 25 ounces for 113 degree (hot-tub-like) heat and power for cell phone and lights.  4:59:24 PM  permalink  

NIST Tech Beat - Solar Energy on Ribbons: "Evergreen Solar makes solar panels—which convert sunlight to electricity—using a patented “String Ribbon” technique. Ultrathin crystalline silicon is produced directly from molten silicon, a streamlined process that avoids the waste and cost of slicing solid material blocks. String Ribbon yields more than twice as many solar cells per pound of silicon as typical methods, according to the company."  2:51:57 PM  permalink  

The Global Diffusion of the Internet Project:  Since the GDI project's inception in 1997, the Mosaic Group has studied the Internet in nearly 30 countries.  Some of those studies and publications are on this page.  2:40:23 PM  permalink  

Big business and Greenpeace urge action on climate change: "The World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and Greenpeace held an unprecedented joint press conference last night to urge the world to ratify the Kyoto protocol and begin to cut greenhouse gases - a course the US has firmly rejected.  The WBCSD includes such Greenpeace enemies as GM promoters Monsanto, chemical giant Dupont, car manufacturers General Motors, baby milk producers Nestlé, and Cogema, the French company that processes spent nuclear fuel. But both organisations are seriously concerned that as the greenhouse effect worsens it will seriously damage world stability and therefore business. "  2:36:52 PM  permalink  

Music industry swamps swap networks with phony files: "Sources at three major labels admit they're deluging popular services like Morpheus, Kazaa and Grokster with thousands of decoy music files that look identical to a sought-after song, but are filled with long minutes of silence -- or 30-second loops of a song's chorus."  8:11:40 AM  permalink  

'Face testing' at Logan is found lacking: The problems with face recognition for security at airports:  calibration is a problem.  If the match is made strictly against the database, it's easy to defeat by partially looking away.  If the match is made too loosely, screeners have to look at possible matches for far too many people.  Sounds like it's better for companies, or places where people cooperate and look squarely at the camera.  8:00:28 AM  permalink  


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