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daily link  Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Ontario Power Generation and DynaMotive Develop Green Power: "DynaMotive's patented fast pyrolysis system (BioTherm) converts biomass to liquid fuel (BioOil). The Company intends to tap into abundant organic resources that are generally discarded by the agricultural and forest industries at a cost, and economically convert them into renewable and environmental friendly fuels. Biomass examples include forestry residues such as wood and bark, and agricultural residues such as sugar cane bagasse, corn stover and wheat straw."  DynaMotive and Canfor, a $2.7-billion forest-products giant, are working on a system capable of turning 10 tons a day of sawmill scraps into a syrupy liquid that will fire industrial boilers and run diesel engines. Canfor hopes to demonstrate the partners' technology at one of its B.C. mills by 2003. Eventually, the oil could also run trains and ships or be processed into plastics.

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