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daily link  Monday, August 26, 2002

Solar-Fabrik combined solar water pump/purifier:  "The WATERpps puts small village communities is a position to produce clean drinking water themselves, from almost every type of water source and without needing a connection to a public power grid. The WATERpps purifies the water by microfiltration, thus rendering chemicals unnecessary. [It can] purify groundwater, but also surface water, cistern water and even severely contaminated brackish water to drinking water compliant with WHO standards. The WATERpps has sufficient capacity to supply up to 50 people. The energy needed for this is generated entirely from the sun’s rays: Two photovoltaic modules produce enough power to pump the water from a depth of up to 60 metres."
  11:51:09 AM  permalink  

Drowning Freedom in Oil (Tom Friedman): "Nothing has subverted Middle East democracy more than the Arab world's and Iran's dependence on oil, and nothing will restrict America's ability to tell the truth in the Middle East and promote democracy there more than our continued dependence on oil. .. Until we curb our consumption and encourage alternative energies that will slowly bring the price of oil down and force these countries to open up and adapt to modernity, we can invade Iraq once a week and it's not going to unleash democracy in the Arab world. "  11:43:56 AM  permalink  

Energy and Poverty, a report from the International Energy Agency: "1.6 billion people today have no access to electricity. 2.4 billion rely on primitive biomass for cooking and heating. What is more shocking, in the absence of radical new policies, 1.4 billion will still have no electricity in 30 years time... Four out of five people without electricity currently live in rural areas of the developing world. They are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa and South and South East Asia. But the emphasis is changing from rural zones to the booming urban areas. This shift will require dramatic new policies by governments, utility companies and aid agencies, alongside efforts to improve the lot of the rural poor.  .. The poor rely on "biomass" - wood, agricultural residues, and dung. This use gives rise to severe health and environmental impacts. .. The number reliant on biomass in this way is expected to increase from 2.4 billion today to 2.6 billion in 2030."  11:00:18 AM  permalink  


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