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daily link  Tuesday, August 20, 2002

LIM Concentrating wind collector: "The LIM is ideal for commercial and industrial users with large flat rooftops, with a footprint of less than 125 square feet.. The LIM makes an asset out of the air mass turbulence associated with structures proximate to the fans. Unlike traditional wind turbines the LIM likes turbulent air and can handle sustained gusts of well over 100 miles per hour."  5:14:44 PM  permalink  

Sunslate roof tiles: "Residential and Commercial roofing products for sloped roofs -- an off-the-shelf product for the building industry."  At the Pacific Coast Builder's Conference (PCBC) in San Francisco this past June, attendees
voted Sunslates the "coolest" new product exhibited.  5:11:23 PM  permalink  

Kamen progress on Stirling engine:  In March, "the United States Patent Office published application No. 20020029567 — with Mr. Kamen named as one of the inventors — for the manufacturing of a Stirling engine, which can be powered by heat from any fuel and is virtually nonpolluting. Indeed, a profile of Mr. Kamen in the May issue of Vanity Fair says he has produced two small prototypes of such an engine, but offers few details.  "This patent was filed by a person who is going into production," said Brent H. Van Arsdell, president of American Stirling, an educational company that sells nonindustrial Stirling engines to physics professors and enthusiasts. "He's fairly confident of his design. This addresses the question of how can we build this economically and faster and reliably after we already have a prototype that costs us millions of dollars.""  A key feature is that its heat transfer unit can be cast rather than welded.

  10:19:32 AM  permalink  

Ginger's Next Trick: speculation on Kamen, Segway, and Stirling Engines: "A Stirling-powered Ginger is probably at least three years away, but if Kamen delivers, Ginger will just be the wrapping around the real revolution. Sure, the Stirling could be to a future era of personal gyro-transport what the internal combustion engine was to automobiles. But the potential applications are much wider than that. The world is full of noisy, horribly polluting two-stroke engines running everything from scooters in Malaysia to lawn mowers on Long Island. If Kamen and Segway can produce an energy-efficient, eco-friendly alternative to these two strokes, they can have all the hype they want. "  9:53:40 AM  permalink  

Design Not Found : a collection of good and bad error handling on websites.

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