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daily link  Monday, July 15, 2002

IEEE Feature:  Wireless Broadband with non-line-of-sight wireless systems

  • How to Exploit Multipath Distortion
  • Europe and Asia are also potential markets, but Beyer says that even though the 2.4-GHz band is also public in those markets, the limits on radiated power are much stricter there, at 100 mW of effective radiated power compared with 4 W in North America. This makes a huge difference in range and coverage. European and Asian authorities have been petitioned to increase these power limits
  • The February 2002 FCC report cited a survey from the Strategis Group that only 12 percent of on-line customers were willing to pay $40 per month for high-speed access, a number that rose to only 30 percent when the price was dropped to $25 per month.
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Making Electricity Directly from Sunlight: Summary of the market niches that PV fills.  Factoids:  "About 2.5 million families in the developing world use solar electricity in the home. .. Building with photovoltaics changes the calculation of the technology's economics as the application does not compete against the cost of utility power but contends with the price of other building material. Marble or granite, for example, cost more and yet neither can produce one watt of electricity. "  5:37:55 PM  permalink  


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