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daily link  Friday, July 12, 2002

Nigeria Privatizes State Run Electrical Generation: "Eighteen new companies will be created when the Nigerian government sells its chronically inefficient electricity monopoly, the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA). The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are assisting the privatization process, which will be overseen by the state's bureau of public enterprises. Six electricity generating companies, one transmission firm and eleven power distribution companies will be created from NEPA and will be monitored by Nigeria's proposed electricity regulatory commission which will be set up by a bill now before parliament. "  2:07:31 AM  permalink  

BP Statistical Reviews of World energy and US energy 2002: "BP has published this review annually as a public service since 1951 and this publication has been updated with 2001 data throughout. "  A new section has been added on renewables with a nice chart of PV price and volumes.  The downloads include some powerpoint slides.  Further digging finds an interesting corporate strategy powerpoint with a slide estimating declining world oil production by 2015.  1:04:52 AM  permalink  


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