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daily link  Monday, July 08, 2002

White Mountain Research Station Establishes North America's Highest Internet/LAN: WRMS "installed a solar powered broadband Internet repeater on 14,250-foot White Mountain Peak. This will allow real-time, remote monitoring of scientific equipment over the Internet at the Summit, Barcroft and Crooked Creek and provide instant communication and data access to researchers worldwide."  10:14:38 PM  permalink  

The Vote Solar Initiative: An effort to encourage "city governments to implement large-scale, cost-effective solar projects. ... In November 2001, San Francisco voters approved a $100 million revenue bond for renewable energy and energy efficiency that pays for itself from the savings and costs taxpayers nothing. The Vote Solar Initiative aims to replicate this model in cities across the country, and by doing so, dramatically accelerate the nation's transition to renewable energy."  In SF, around 5% went to energy efficiency with good savings, 40% to wind with competitive costs, and the rest to PV which is not directly competitive.  The savings on efficiency pays for the solar, so there's no net cost to the city or its taxpayers.  2:08:12 PM  permalink  

China-Pakistan wind power cooperation: "China will help Pakistan produce cheap electricity through development of renewable energy resources, particularly by windmills technology. ..Various Chinese companies are willing to cooperate for producing the low-cost electricity through windmills in the coastal areas of Pakistan. "  10:26:55 AM  permalink  

Hot stuff from the Cooper Basin:   "South Australia's Cooper Basin oil and gas fields may yield a new source of energy: geothermal power. Brisbane-based Geodynamics is planning to tap the 'hot rocks' deep below the petroleum reservoirs to superheat water that would drive turbines for electricity generation."  After testing, it would be commercialized at 300 MW and could someday reach over 1000 MW.  10:25:03 AM  permalink  

Bill Christison: Oil and the Middle East: "U.S. Oil Policy as a Juggernaut in U.S. Foreign Policy," by a retired CIA manager.  10:20:44 AM  permalink  


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