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daily link  Friday, July 05, 2002

Kiwi Quake Monitoring Goes Modern: GeoNet, a 10-year program costing $40 million, is upgrading the equipment that monitors earthquakes and volcanoes in New Zealand. The program links seismic monitoring stations to two round-the-clock data centers.  11:40:59 PM  permalink  

Duke Solar Concentrating Solar Collectors Power Buildings: "the Power Roof 122 system design integrates the best energy-efficient technologies with the most advanced thermal solar systems known today. The Power Roof system is a high-temperature solar collector, a natural daylighting system, a radiant barrier, an insulating system, an optional means to capture passive solar heat in the winter, an infiltration barrier, the building roof structure, and a waterproof, guaranteed roofing system - all in one. "  Multiple functions are served by a single assembly cutting construction costs.  Heat is supplied up to 750 degrees F, suitable for power generation, absorbtion cooling, and industrial uses.  12:10:03 AM  permalink  


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