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daily link  Friday, June 28, 2002

Bangladesh GEF-funded projects: "Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), a fully government-owned company, has signed a participation agreement (PA) with Srizony Bangladesh on implementation of the first phase of "Solar Energy Expansion Programme" under the Global Environment Facility (GEF) PDF B Grant... On April 24, 2002 and April 27, 2002, similar agreements were signed with Grameen Shakti, COAST Trust and TMSS."  A call for projects was issued April 9 for the US$ 191 million GEF/International Development Association (IDA) Rural Electrification And Renewable Energy Development Project.  Also, Bangladesh Renewable Energy Association (BREA) is pursuing policy development.  1:34:47 PM  permalink  

Eskom (South Africa) pursues electrification: Eskom targets 300,000 homes for electrication this year, in addition to 336,000 last year.  Also, they "launched a pilot project last year to find ways of reducing the cost of nongrid electrification while increasing the effect of these schemes. The project, called "a hybrid minigrid system" took place at the Hluleka Nature Reserve in Eastern Cape. It sought to integrate a number of different systems, notably energy, water purification and telecommunications. The project will make use of renewable solar energy, water heaters and liquid petroleum gas. The minister said the combination of energy carriers would result in increased energy efficiency. "This is what we expect from our nongrid operators in the whole country over time." "  1:32:37 PM  permalink  

Solar Fund makes first investment in Rural Areas of Kenya: "On March 28, 2002 Solar Development Capital disbursed its first investment, in Solagen Ltd., a photovoltaic distributor in Kenya. The company, a distributor for Solar BP, has imported, sold and installed solar (PV & thermal) equipment in Kenya since 1994, and will now use debt and equity from SDC to expand into rural markets. .. Solar Development Capital is a commercial private equity fund that invests in private companies serving the off-grid power sector in developing countries.  Solar Development Foundation funds technical and management assistance for companies that distribute PV and other renewable energy to off-grid communities in developing countries. To date, it has provided US$ 1.2 million in funding to 25 entrepreneurs. "  1:25:40 PM  permalink  

Solar Module factory opens in Namibia: "A $6.4m Namibia solar module factory, Nopasika Electronic (Pty) Ltd, was opened Thursday, 28 March 2002."  1:16:06 PM  permalink  

Energy Projects: Reports from a group of Sustainable Energy and Climate Change projects.  Most are from Europe, with 6 from Africa.  Among them is an interesting recent study of distribution networks for energy equipment in Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia, which highlights the options for building on Kenya's hire-purchase stores, on gasoline/kerosine stations, and on the informal distribution of electric goods from urban workers to their extended families in rural areas.  1:07:41 PM  permalink  

AREED : United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has an African Rural Energy Enterprise Development (AREED) initiative, sponsored by the UN Foundation. AREED seeks to develop new sustainable energy enterprises, providing startup funding, training, hands-on business development assistance and other support.  Currently they have 12 projects in Ghana, Mali, Senegal and Zambia, with 42 in the pipeline.  Eighteen projects are receiving enterprise development services from E&Co and the NGO partners ENDA in Senegal, KITE in Ghana, Malifolkcenter in Mali and CEEEZ in Zambia.  

  12:26:46 PM  permalink  

RESuM : "Rural Energy Supply Models: A compilation of definitions, characteristics, model-specific advantages, problems and success factors for different Rural Energy Supply models, illustrated with real-world examples."  A European study of rural energy projects in many countries, including a directory of experts.  12:15:57 PM  permalink  


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