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daily link  Friday, June 07, 2002

Windpower for Islands (WIND): In the mid-90s in Indonesia, "Winrock installed 10 medium sized (1.5kW & 10kW) wind systems to demonstrate renewable energy technology. These systems pump water for irrigation and household use, operate refrigeration for ice production (fisheries) and agricultural processing centers, and power mills. As a result, the amount of labor required to carry water was reduced by 90 percent, farm incomes rose by 50 percent because additional land could be cultivated, and small enterprises were established. Furthermore Winrock identified 35 communities with wind power potential and organized 10 out of 16 pilot site communities to assume ownership of the wind systems"  11:08:47 PM  permalink  

Review of China's plans to clean up its energy sector: Efficiency, shifting fuel supply towards gas, and expanding renwables are part of the next 5 year plan.  "Wind power offers considerable potential in China where installed wind power capacity stood at 375.2MW at the end of 2000 compared with the countryâ019s estimated 160GW potential. China plans to install 1,192MW of wind power in the tenth FYP, a target some observers consider too ambitious due to the small size of wind power units and the large number that need to be installed to achieve the target. .. Solar energy also offers large potential in China. Currently most opportunities to develop solar power involve supplying remote communities that lie far from any electricity grid and lack other sources of power generation. Shell, for example, recently signed an agreement with Sun Oasis Co. of Beijing to supply solar home system for up to 78,000 households over the next five years in Xinjiang Province in western China. Funded by a $15 million Dutch Government grant"  10:26:45 PM  permalink  

GM mosquito new weapon in fight against malaria: "Malaria is caused by a tiny parasite that is transmitted by the bite of the female mosquito. It causes fever, muscle stiffness, sweating and shaking. The synthetic gene blocks the parasite from passing from the gut to the saliva of the mosquito, which prevents the insect from infecting humans. "  2:58:19 PM  permalink  

Half Gas, Half Electric, Total California Cool (washingtonpost.com): "Hollywood Gets a Charge Out of Hybrid Cars:  Larry David first got a hybrid because his wife, Laurie, has strong views about big, gas-guzzling SUVs, which are hugely popular in Los Angeles and hugely annoying to her.  "Those cars should just have 'pig' spray-painted on them," says Laurie David, apparently not one for understatement. The Prius, she says, is the antidote. "I got involved because of global warming, but hello! It's national security now. Shouldn't we be reducing our dependence on foreign oil?""  2:21:24 PM  permalink  

Monkey see, monkey do in brain experiment: "Monkeys implanted with special electrodes moved a cursor on a computer screen just by thinking about it, and learned how to do it better with practice, scientists reported on Thursday. The experiment could eventually lead to the development of better prosthetic limbs for amputees and might even offer a way for paralyzed patients to move again. "  12:32:05 PM  permalink  

E Ink demos screens can never be too thin:  "Prototypes of the new displays are 0.3 millimeters thick, or about half the thickness of a credit card. Traditional active-matrix displays are about 2mm thick.. Electronic ink technology tends to consume less power than LCDs, the company said. Unlike LCDs, they don't require a continuous supply of power to render images: Once the microcapsules are electrically charged, they can hold the image without more power. .. E Ink plans to license its technology to manufacturers and expects consumers to have the displays in hand by 2005. "   12:04:55 PM  permalink  


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