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daily link  Sunday, June 02, 2002

Personal RSS Aggregators: Good review of aggregators, weblogs, and their effects:  Radio's  "built-in RSS aggregator has changed how I process information in a dramatic way. At first, my list of channels was biased towards the RSS channels published by newspapers, magazines, and web sites. Increasingly, though, I now rely on other people who are active in these areas, and who are publishing weblogs to which I can subscribe by way of RSS. There is a deep principle at work here. The relevance engine that powers the emerging RSS network is, very much like Google's relevance engine, decentralized and ultimately social in nature. The links that Google counts are, as Cory Doctorow has said in a beautiful essay, "made by human beings, doing what they do best, link by link, drip by drip." Similarly, the raw output of the online news collective is filtered for me by people doing what they do best: spotting patterns, alerting the tribe"

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