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daily link  Tuesday, May 28, 2002

The COOK Report On Broadband Wireless Internet: A summary of recent developments and citations to other writers.  ".. our experts conclude that a broad band license exempt wireless Internet access alternative to the local loop is possible"  5:15:46 PM  permalink  

Sharp Solar: A New Way of Thinking: "With a current PV manufacturing capacity at its Japanese factories of more than 100 MW, Sharp plans to expand production to 200 MW this year. .. [A spokesperson] said solar PV packages today are confusing with components often coming from several different manufacturers. Within a year, Sharp will produce every part and piece of the system, each, made to work together."  3:23:29 PM  permalink  

Solar Power Brightens Villagers' Lives in Northern Syria: "The Japan International Cooperation Agency installed solar panels to supply electricity in all the villages, including individual systems for homes in three villages - Fedre, Katoura and Kaliff - and a central system in Zarzita."  UNDP provided training assistance.  "Surveys have found that the villagers are happy with the solar systems. Although they produce less power than would be available from the national grid, solar panels provide a workable alternative to the long waiting list for extensions of the grid. The units have proven reliable and have not been vandalized. Villagers prefer them to kerosene for lighting. "

"  3:19:48 PM  permalink  

International Society for Ecology and Culture - Ladakh Project: "Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG) is an indigenous NGO [founded with ISEC assistance in 1978].  .. LEDeG itself is now an entirely independent organisation, with a staff of more than 100 Ladakhis. In 1993, when Ladakh was granted semi-autonomous status by the central Indian government, three out of five of its founding executive councillors were former LEDeG directors"  12:39:14 PM  permalink  

The Register: "One of the biggest challenges facing an organisation today is filtering the good from the bad information. It's the classic signal/noise equation. We all like to get the right signals--and all hate the noise. But for each and every employee these are highly debatable categories. Gartner found, quite surprisingly, that the most useful information employees receive comes from personal networks, contact with friends and colleagues, and emails--rather than the finely tuned information source that is supposed to be the Intranet. But how do you manage that? "  12:07:49 AM  permalink  


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