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daily link  Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Guardian: Time to blog on:  Blogs change news coverage, involving the "former audience".  Quoting Gilmor:  "Some day soon, there will be a major, newsworthy event in Japan and there will be 400 photos taken of it in the first minute by cam-equipped cellphones. Those 400 photos will make their way to news organisations and to individuals and we will have 400 visual perspectives of that event from the 'former audience'."  1:33:38 PM  permalink  

Imagine: world with unlimited airwaves:  A summary of open spectrum thinking, with reference to David P. Reed's arguments.  1:27:40 PM  permalink  

Pacific Solar launches thin film PV crystalline silicon on glass: Australian company Pacific Solar claims "if in production today would see manufacturing costs at just US$1.95 per watt, about two-thirds those of conventional PV technology".  9:53:23 AM  permalink  


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