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daily link  Friday, May 17, 2002

DoCoMo Laboratories wristwatch cell phone:  A model of a new kind of cell phone in a wrist watch.  "A key idea is to use the human hand as part of the handset mechanism. The received signal is conveyed by bone conduction to the fingertip from the actuator attached at the wrist. (The user inserts a fingertip into the ear when in use.) "  4:29:34 PM  permalink  

Bruce Lusignan teaches Engineering at Stanford.  I'm told he's helped educate many ITU staff and developing country comms ministers, and has a long background in rural telecomms.  His 1998 paper on rural telecommunications services organized like cooperatives, makes a good read.  12:49:06 PM  permalink  

PVPortal is a revamped portal site produced by a Dutch consulting company, with extensive listings of companies in the field in both developed and developing countries.  It has a page listing the cheapest PV modules for sale on the Internet. Currently, it's $3/watt; according to the Wayback machine, the price was $3.50 all through 2001.  12:04:15 AM  permalink  


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