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daily link  Wednesday, May 01, 2002

$600M Solano wind plan gets new German backing : Siemens has stepped in to provide financing for a proposed wind power project of almost 1 GW at Vallejo in the San Francisco Bay Area.  "Siemens supplies some of the technology used in TMA's patented turbines, which rotate on vertical axes housed in 50-foot-high buildings that also accept photovoltaic panels. TMA's units not only are more efficient than the traditional propeller-tower units, according to the company, but the lower profile reduces aviation risks, visual pollution and bird kills. The company has installed 250-kilowatt turbines in the West and in Europe and is testing a new 750-kw unit for use in Solano County."  12:14:03 AM  permalink  

USC Professor advocates solar transportation: Ed Passerini makes cars with panels of photovoltaic cells mounted on the roof to keep a set of batteries charged.  He is especially proud of his most recent one, the SunDrop. He calls it "the most efficient commuter car ever built."  It is unique in that it is the first solar car that can carry more than it weighs at normal speeds. Built to carry two passengers, the SunDrop can reach speeds near 45 miles per hour. Improved aerodynamics - the car gets its name from its teardrop shape - have made the SunDrop one of the speediest vehicles of its kind.  12:07:50 AM  permalink  


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