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daily link  Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Tropical scientists find fewer species than expected: "An 8-year National Science Foundation-funded study of New Guinean rainforest .. [estimate chanaged] from approximately 31 million species to between 4-6 million, is based on the finding that insects specialize their feeding not on individual species of plants, but on genera and even families of plants"  9:42:58 AM  permalink  

WWF hosts first Eastern Africa Conservation Partnership Forum: national institutions and departments, regional bodies, non-governmental organisations, and representatives from the donor and business communities are attending.  All are involved in conservation in eastern Africa.  Further links via google.  9:39:26 AM  permalink  

US water facilities vulnerable: The army corps of engineers wants money to make it tougher for terrorists to attack up to 200 water projects the agency operates in 43 states.  9:36:45 AM  permalink  

TXU leads Texas with 390 MW of wind power in 2001: "Texas wind power production soared in 2001 with a record number of wind turbines erected in West Texas. TXU added 382 megawatts (MW) of the 916 MW installed in Texas. One megawatt of wind energy powers between 200 and 300 homes."  9:22:01 AM  permalink  

Forbes.com: Long Island wind power seen for 5 mln homes: "A study showed a maximum of 5,200 MW of electricity, enough to power more than 5 million homes, could be produced by wind generators placed in a 314 square-mile band three to six nautical miles off Long Island's south shore and Montauk Point. By restricting the placement of offshore wind turbines to a smaller, 135 square-mile band about three nautical miles from shore, with water depths of 50 feet or less, about 2,250 MW of wind-generated power could be produced, the study found."  Interconnection would cost between $40-$70m.  9:20:17 AM  permalink  

New York steps up energy conservation effort: "Energy efficiency and conservation programs helped California cut overall electricity consumption last year by 6.7 percent. Peak summer demand was cut 10 percent, when hundreds of hours of blackouts were forecast but none occurred. California ran a $1 billion conservation campaign that succeeded in reducing demand an estimated 5,570 MW."  In New York, the "$10 million Peak-Load Reduction Program last summer cut 100 MW of demand, mostly in New York City."  That's 20 cents and 10 cents per watt; $1/watt is generally a good price for any kind of generation capacity.  8:00:00 AM  permalink  

Review of a new book by Richard Hunter of Gartner, about online "armies" from open source programmers to Al Queda.  "How does authority respond to a new creature that operates by different values and systems? With its own network army, Mr. Hunter writes. He offers the example of the New York Electronic Crimes Task Force, created by the Secret Service"  7:46:10 AM  permalink  


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