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daily link  Saturday, April 27, 2002

Tracking where the wild things are :  Amateurs use PalmPilots and global positioning system (GPS) to supply volumes of useful animal tracking info.  Software is free at http://www.cybertracker.org.  10:01:19 AM  permalink  

When Here Sees There on global TV: "at this halfway point between mutual ignorance and true understanding, the ''global village'' actually resembles a real one -- in my experience, not the utopian community promised by the boosters of globalization but a parochial place of manifold suspicions, rumors, resentments and half-truths. "  8:58:06 AM  permalink  

Baja project would tap wind power: Enron Wind is negotiating to become the first company to erect energy-generating windmills in Mexico. The company wants to install 40 in 5 rural areas of Baja California to provide 60 MW for public lighting and to export power to California.  8:39:20 AM  permalink  

Renewable energy production tax credits added to energy bill: "The final package would spend $2.3 billion on the targeted tax breaks. It calls for a 1.5-cent per kilowatt hour production tax credit for wind, solar, geothermal and animal waste. Biomass producers would get a 1-cent per kilowatt hour credit. Generally, companies generating power by 2007 could qualify for the credit. Wind and poultry waste producers could take the credit for 10 years. Solar and geothermal producers would be eligible for five years. Biomass producers would have three years."  8:25:04 AM  permalink  


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