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daily link  Thursday, April 25, 2002

Toyota to supply hybrids to other automakers: "Toyota Motor Corp may supply gasoline-electric "hybrid" vehicles to other automakers as part of its goal to produce 300,000 such eco-friendly cars a year by 2005."  Toyota also sells its Estima minivan with a hybrid drivetrain, and has sold over 100,000 units to date (compared to a reported 11,000 for Honda).  3:36:50 PM  permalink  

Indonesia to promote green power plants by decree: "small power generators using renewable resources soon will be guaranteed a buyer in the state utility. "  3:33:43 PM  permalink  

Photovoltaics Being Developed As Clean Energy Source: a Colorado State "research team developed a machine that produces three-inch-square solar cells at the rate of one cell every two minutes, an increase of up to 100 times faster than other currently used technologies.   The equipment has a low capital cost and, unlike other solar cell production technologies, is fully automated. ... The team of engineers is currently building a larger machine that will make one-foot-square cells, which will be 16 times more powerful. Five to 10 hours of production on the larger machine will make enough cells to power an average house."  3:32:35 PM  permalink  


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