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daily link  Monday, April 22, 2002

Details on the inkjet printing of displays and solar cells, and the Berkeley nanorods: "The inkjet-based process may also be useful in "printing" solar cells, though Jabbour notes that cheap, photovoltaic wallpaper or thin films is "years away" from being commercialized. To date, Jabbour and other University of Arizona scientists have fabricated plastic solar cells that are about one-fourth as efficient as solar panels made with silicon. ... The process for making solar cells is similar to how Jabbour has made light-emitting images. "  5:35:09 PM  permalink  

Shell Renewables Brings Solar to Philippines: "The Investment Coordination Committee of the Philippines has approved the proposed P500-million (US$10m) Solar Home Systems Distribution Project ... Shell Renewables will provide the solar power generation technology, and the cost of implementation would be 60 percent funded by a Dutch grant.   The areas covered by the project are localities not connected to existing power grids. Each solar home system is estimated to cost at least P15,000 ($300) in installation and equipment cost. "  3:33:38 PM  permalink  

Google Finesses Copyright Dispute. Scientologists objected to google results pointing to critical material that was reproduced by a third party without permission.  Google results now include a link to Scientology's complaint on the EFF's chillingeffects.org, which lists the Web addresses of the material to which Google no longer links. The result is that a complaint could end up drawing more attention to the very pages it is trying to block.  11:10:00 AM  permalink  

India's Haryana state will install solar water pumps -- 200 solar pumps of 1,800 watt photovoltaic panel at a cost of Rs 9 crore for the purpose of pumping water in view of the growing demand for electricity as well as to reduce the usage of diesel in the agriculture sector.  12:33:03 AM  permalink  

Energy Conversion Devices will start producing nine-mile-long sheets of thin solar energy panels this summer in Auburn, Michigan.  CEO and inventor Stan Ovshinsky says the panels may bring cheaper, cleaner power to homes and businesses around the world. The sheets sandwich several gases between a layer of stainless steel and laminates.  Unlike conventional solar panels that use heavy, stiff glass, the photovoltaic sheets are thin, light and pliable.

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