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daily link  Monday, April 15, 2002

TextArc:  beautiful toy for visualizing text as a map.  Comes with a Library Search Applet that allows selection from Project Gutenberg.  Profiled in the NYT.

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Nanocomposites for dense plastic foams:  The foams are strong and light and could replace many solid plastics, and upgrade many products made of plastic foams today (insulaton, cushions, containers). The foams use nanoparticles of materials like clay to increase the foam's density. Small bubbles tend to form around the nanoparticles and cling to them.  While most structural-grade plastic foam contains bubbles of several hundred micrometers across, the bubbles in these nanocomposite foams are as small as 5 micrometers.  Another major innovation of these foams is that they use superheaded CO2 instead of CFCs in production.

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