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daily link  Thursday, April 04, 2002

Is your e-mail watching you? : "the spam choking your e-mail in-box may be loaded with software that lets marketers track your moves online".  HTML messages can include clear GIFs ("web beacons") causing server visits, and with cookies enabled on the GIFs, correlations can be made among your visits, your email address, the forwarding of emails, etc.

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I guess BP is serious about global warming: "The regional president of BP Australia, Greg Bourne, yesterday launched a stinging attack on Australia's "energy policy vacuum" in the face of global concern about climate change.  Mr Bourne said neither government nor business were attaching enough importance to the issue."  10:51:42 PM  permalink  

Rising Anxiety: An NYT oped piece advocates the closure of the Indian Point nuclear plant:  "Concern over the plant's continuing safety problems has heightened since Sept. 11. Increasing numbers of residents and elected officials are coming to the conclusion that the possibility of a terrorist attack or a catastrophic accident at Indian Point is a risk that is not worth taking. They believe it is time for the Indian Point complex to close... Everyone within at least a 50-mile radius would be in danger if something terrible happened at Indian Point. That 50-mile radius contains more than 7 percent of the entire population of the United States 20 million people."  10:23:58 PM  permalink  

Rice Genome Maps May Help the Poor: "Scientists say knowledge of the rice genome will enable them to find the genetic traits they want in seed banks and then to track those traits through the new plant varieties they're developing. `It takes what is usually a 12 to 15-year activity to something that takes three or four years. That's pretty major,' said Jeffrey Bennetzen, a biologist at Purdue University."  10:13:33 PM  permalink  


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